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Exclusive 'Gravity' Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Exclusive 'Gravity Behind-the-Scenes Clip

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The Walking Dead Gets (More) Terrifying: A Show Runner's Preview

[Spoilers from season three ahead.]
As it prepares ...

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Exclusive: Watch a Behind-the-Scenes Man of Steel Clip

While the ending of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel may ...

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Is Grand Theft Auto V the Most Addictive Game Ever?

It's been five years since Grand Theft Auto IV was ...

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Q&A: Eric Lange on His Big Reveal in The Bridge

Trust me when I say that you know exactly who Eric Lange is. Sure, you might not know him by name, but when you see him you'll know who we're talking about. He's been working in television for fifteen...

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Q&A: Riddick's Katee Sackhoff on... Naked Gunfights

And Longmire and badass women

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Q&A: Hugh Dancy Sits Down with Hannibal

"It doesn't give you nightmares. If anything, you come home stained."
After the disastrous 2007 film Hannibal Rising, there were very few Hannibal Lecter fans who thought revisiting the character was ...


Michael Lewis: Did Goldman Sachs Overstep in Criminally Charging ...

Michael Lewis: Did Goldman Sachs Overstep in Crimin...